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Insurgent - Veronica Roth It can't be a bad book if I read it in 3 days.

BUT...I've a major problem with it.

Dear Veronica Roth: What the hell did you do to Tris?????? You lied to me, you promised me a brave, morally correct, awesome heroin. And now, now we have what?
I'm a little bit tired of making excuses for the stupidity of a dystopian lead lady. I get it... she is so young, she's been through a lot, she havent had time to process it all... Isn't there some other way to make it interesting, rather than giving the heroin mental inestability?

Besides that, I've been able to collect some useful lessons about the human nature, and I've reconsider my posture about the "lame government division into factions" towards the end. In fact, it was at the very end.

Maybe if you look at it as the desperate intent of a dying society to make us, humans, a better version of ourselves, it's not that bad...

This "secret" that is reveal at the closure gives some curiosity that will force me into reading the next book. This ending wasn't as astonishing as what I had in mind, but It could lead to something interesting.
I just want to give this saga the oportunity to redeem itself.

It is what it is: full of action, lots of "breaking-heart romance", an OK plot somewhere in the middle. Nice methapors of the adolescense and the existance of human beings.