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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth I am dissapointed. I didn't exactly realized that I didn't like what I was reading until I finished it. I think I was expecting that at some point the book would give more explanations, or it would make sense....

Basically, Veronica Roth tried to fixed all those plot's loose ends giving them a justification that 99% of the readers wouldn't entirely understand: Genetics.
At first, it seemed a really interesting subject. But, when the full explanations never arrived, it just becomes a sad excuse of a plot.

Some action shit goes on in the middle. Action shit is entertaining. Stop. Think for a little bit how humans are constatly tending toward destruction no matter what. Keep going on acompanied with kissing and half nudity.

Coming to the end, it becomes really predictable. And confusing. The way they solved the "we are errasing everyones memory on Chicago" problem, seems really inmature to me. Tris death seems meaningless (Is it the GRRMartin syndrome?). The death of the secondary characters doesnt even made me wink. But I liked Tris, or at list the first book Tris. So, I cried. And despite of my eyes being clouded by tears, i kept reading, just to find myself a little bit bored.

To sum up:
* No further character development
* A weak plot, with no deep explanations
* A lot of kissing and unreleased sexual tension to spice things up
* An ending with no resolution (Was it worth it all the trouble?)
* Contradictory thingies here and there
* Missing book message, please call 011 2546545454