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Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas Warning: remember this is YA Lit.

I went in believing this was about badass assasins (just look at that amazing cover!), but this is YA and YA is about an appealing young protagonists through a "coming of age" process.

It is truly sad that the characteristics of this book that make it a YA fiction are the things that frustrated me. The settings, the world, the characters have so much potential that it hurts seeing the author not taking enough advantage of it!!

So... This book is a light fantasy (right next to Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor). This books are beautifully developed in a fantastic world, but mantaining the lightness of a chick-lit novel.

Our heroin is Celaena Sardothien (awesome name, yes!). At 18, she has managed to become the most deathly and feared assasin of Adarlan. But she was betrayed, so she ended up slaving on the salt mines of Endovier. There is where she's found by Prince Dorian, who has an offer: She must be his champion on a competition for becoming the king's personal assasin during 4 years in exchange for her freedom.
Are you picturing a strong, proud, beautiful, intelligent woman that always speaks her mind no matter what? Yes, she is all that, but she also enjoys sweets, pretty dresses, shoes and being coquette (told you, chick-lit). Deep down, she's just a little girl that has been shaped into a lethal weapon.

The story developes inside the Glass Casttle, core of the rising empire of King Havilliard. Along the competition, Celaena will get to know Chaol better (her scowling escort/trainer and captain of the royal guard), she will tease prince Dorian, she will meet princess Nehemia (another strong woman from a land in process of conquest) and she will find out that even though magic is forbidden, it has not yet disappeared.

This might be helpfull:


I'm really sad that having developed a complex world like Erilea, Sarah J. Maas decided just to stay in one place. On a positive side, this gives enormous room for expantion in the next book [b:Crown of Midnight|17167166|Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)|Sarah J. Maas|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391580481s/17167166.jpg|21581860] (that I will totally read!)

The mistery....well, there is no such thing as mistery. The whole plot is quite predictable, but that doen't make it less enjoyable.

“I hate women like that. They're so desperate for the attention of men that they'd willingly betray and harm members of their own sex. And we claim men cannot think with their brains! At least men are direct about it.”

This doesn't really feels like 4 stars, this could have been EPIC. But, in the end I think this could be an extraordinary read for young girls. So I guess I'm rating acording to the genre now.