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Pretties - Scott Westerfeld I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Not because the book had a too shocking finale, but because everything that needed to happen, happened in the last part of the book.
I need to take it easy in order to not rate this just because of that last part.

As the previous book in the saga, Pretties is sectioned into 3 parts:

Part 1: Sleeping beauty or The nerverending bubbly world.
It all starts with our heroin, Tally, transformed into a piece of the shallow New Pretty Town. You can't see her, but you will barely recognise her. Tally has turn into an numb, empty, bubbly, very-dificult-to-like human being.
Moreover, the story seems to never move on. There are too much parties and hideous lingo. It gets a little better at the end, just to introduce the part 2.

Part 2: The cure or The development of the minimum events.
We knew this from Uglies, there was a cure and Tally has to eventually take it. So, she did and she decided to keep living in this "bubbly" world until she & friends have the perfect opportunity to escape, discovering some minimun details to the plot along the way. A lot more entertaining than part 1, mostly because we have some romance!

Part 3: Outside or Everything we were actually waiting for.
As I've already said, it all happens here. They are outside of the city, but not together. Tally has to overcome a series of difficulties. And....The ending.

THAT ending scared me a little. Where is the history going from that?
Again, I've encountered an excuse to keep reading...

In my opinion...
This is the typical middle book from a trilogy. You fix some things here and there, and I'm sure this book could easily not exist.