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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell I am definitely part of the target market of Rainbow Rowell's books. I'm so identified with Rowell's main characters that I can't help loving her books. It's like someone asked me "What do you want in a contemporary novel?", and they put every thing I wanted together.

This book is funny, awkward, lovely, happy, surprisingly nerdy and geeky...CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

And this is not just a love story. This is multiple relationships developing, people growing: Lincoln, his mom, Beth, Jennifer, even the silly Justin!

There are things that could make you dislike this book, as:
1- I didn't quite catch all of the 90's reference, which make them a little annoying and distracting.
2- I pictured Lincoln entirely different in my mind.
3- It's predictable.

I don't even care about those things, just... Rainbow Rowell: Stop making me believe in this marvelous kind of love!

“Things get better--hurt less--over time. If you let them.”