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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I have seeing this book everywhere and everyone have loved it 4 or 5 stars much. So when I decided I was in the mood for some light, easy-read romance, it had to be this one.

First thing: That title is kind of corny. There actually isn’t a lot of kissing and this book is not intended to be sexy. But I get it; “Anna and The French Kiss” is catchy.
I just wanted to point that out.

So… Paris. Is there a better place to fall in love? And yet, Anna hates her father for forcing her into cursing her senior year in a Parisian boarding school. But of course, because Anna’s potential sweetheart and her best friend will be miles away, back home in Atlanta. She will be all alone in Paris. Except for her friendly next door neighbor Meredith and her whole group of friends, which includes Mer’s secret crush: Étienne St. Clair. Yes my dear, he’s beautiful, nice, funny, clever, truly perfect (maybe too perfect). And he’s completely taken. You will enjoy a sweet, funny and really entertaining story where Anna tries not to fall for him.

I totally ignored the clichéd characters (perfect boy, girl that doesn’t know how perfect she is, the pretty mean girl) because in spite of that, Perkins really make them work out together and creates a cute and relatable ambiance.

I’m lowering the rating because of one specific thing. In my opinion, this book could be better with a few less chapters. I feel like at the moment our romance peeks its development, Perkins determinately mess EVERYTHING up so the story could be more interesting and goes on with all the fuss for another ten chapters. This way when the resolution really comes, it’s kind of disappointing. I totally understand about the world wide problem about people not speaking to each other when is needed and assuming too much, but this story does push it to a limit. Maybe this is just a syndrome of me reading this book in 2 sittings, but well… It gets really frustrating!