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#scandal - Sarah Ockler 2.5 stars

This book....It's just a fun contemporary. Don't look for nothing else in it because you won't find it.

The characterization of Lucy lastname Vacarro is surprisingly cool and modern. She's a quite not-girly girl that is really into Left for Dead a zombie video game. She's funny at times (that wins the extra half star!)

"Social networking should bring people together, not serve as an online gladiator arena.”
My mind drifts to Russell Crowe in his gladiator outfit, but even that picture of perfect badassery can’t keep the knots out of my stomach. I want to do the right thing, to say what I need to say, to stand up for what’s right—not just for me, but for everyone who goes through stuff like this.

The thing about this book is that it's an underachiever. It draws our attention to quite interesting topics as cyberbullying, slut-shaming, the wrong use of social networks and general stereotyping, but it doesn't go deeper enough into those matters to make an valuable statement.
That's quite a shame, cause it ruins every other aspect for me:

*Romance: little development, which would be ok if the book had a stronger focus on the main thread: bulling maybe? (everything mentioned before)

*Plot: some events are too convenient, but as a whole it's kind of thrilling. The ending just feels unsatisfactory.