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Adorkable - Sarra Manning
"The more time I spent with her, the more immune I became to the hot mess that she looked. Not even a hot mess, which implied some kind of hotness, just a mess."

That phrase totally works for both, Jeane and this book.

Jeane is adorkable. What is that? Well....It's being weird + being really strong minded/revolutionary + being feminist + internet addict + puppies (WTF? I love puppies so OK!).
She dress in the most oddly ways to accent her uniqueness and it's completly uncapable of keeping her mouth shut about "stuff that really matters".
And Jeane gets oddly involved with a boy who is everything but adorkable: beautiful and liked by everyone, Michael Lee.

So...If you get to liking Jeane, despite her bitchyness cockyness, you can probably enjoy a fun story. I know I really enjoyed it (don't be fooled by the rating) and it was not about the plot, not about the characters development, not about the dialogs and definitely not about the odd romance. You'll have a dual pov to understand this romance better, but yet this story seems to me a lot more of a coming of age or a self discovery one.

The highlight of this book is the empowerment of dorkiness. It's always interesting to see how authors manage themselves to reflect the reality of how internet is changing us. Awkwardness has skyrocketed its populatity online, and I want to think that that makes it more acceptable offline. And that's cool! I expended most of my teen years trying to fit in and be normal, but teenagers this days are embracing their dorkyness/awkwardness/being-differentness.
This book can give you ,young adult, a wonderful message about how it's OK to be different (which isn't that obvious to everyone) and that in today world you're never alone.

“Dorkdom isn't something you can choose. It's something you are. But instead of dividing the world up into dorkside and darkside, I've realised that we all have a little bit of dork inside us.”

I know I would definitely join this dorkhood!