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Smart Girls Get What They Want

Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer 3 1/2

This started lamely. Three supposedly smart young girls talking about a plan to gain fame and all the things they were missing out in high school just because they were big nerds. That didn't sound appealing at all, it even seemed like it was all a big mock to this kind of girls.
Luckily I did push me to read on, and after a couple of chapter I was all in. The characters end up being really likable and that stupid premise was replaced for an actual good one: a story about how three girls who thought they were better than everybody else end up coming out of the shell and realizing people doesn't always suck.

A fun, cute and light read.

Note to the author: This book is so much better than Anna and the French Kiss. At least Gigi has the morals Anna won't ever have!