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El Silmarillion

El Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien, Luis Domènech, Rubén Masera Buddy-read with Markus!

Is this book really that hard to read?
No, if you take it the right way. This books was not written to make readers like an specific plot twist or character. No! This book is solely the recompilation of various tales that happened in the world where The Lord of the Rings was settled in, from the beautifully written Ainülindale and the creation of Eä, to the end of the Third Age and the Fading Years.
That being said, you'll understand that it's not odd at all to find chapters entirely dedicated to geography or genealogy.
Am I making it sound like a boring book? Let me fix that. This is a small list of cool things that you can expect:

The awesome Valar

Morgoth, the Lord of the Dark

Beautiful stories about Arda's astrology

Elves behaving badly (Men did too, and dwarves. But mostly elves)

Elves being awesome

Epic battles

Breath taking love stories

Tales about friendship

Unbelievable places

Bad-ass heroins


Yes, I was surprised about that last one too.

I truly hope that all this artwork is persuasive enough for itself.