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Storm Front

Storm Front  - Jim Butcher

Cue: Pretty, nervous lady enters the office looking for the private consultant who will solve the mysterious disappearance of her husband.
The Catch: Missing husband seems to had been playing with some serious magic.

Harry Dresden is the man for the job because he is the only wizard for hire in Chicago. Harry's kinda our typical hard boiled detective: the witty, chivalrous loner. However, there are some traits clearly not matching the stereotype; maybe it's some deeper sensibility in Harry, his constant struggle for money or maybe it's just the fact that he'll be always holding a staff instead of a gun. Anyhow, Harry Dresden is a trouble magnet and will get into fun and quite amusing situations, just like...

Yeahp, he's naked.

And that's about it for the outstanding part of the book. The entire cast of secondary characters fill in the typical roles of sexy ladies in distress, mobsters, distrustful cops... with the exception of that one nymphomaniac spirit included to have even another unnecessary comic relief. The world-building is probably acceptable for the first book in a really long urban fantasy series. The biggest deficiency is probably the clumsy development of the mystery; I was genuinely intrigued for about two chapter, before Butcher started throwing all the clues in my face which make it imposible to not see it all coming.

Summing up! All the stars for Harry. Far from flawless, but truly entertaining and funny read. I'll definitely keep reading ( I kinda already am) and see if this series does live up to its hype.