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Fly Trade, Volume 1

Fly Trade, Volume 1 - Raven Gregory, Eric J Not your typical superhero comic, that’s what caught my attention. In all honesty, it really is not your typical superhero comic. This one focus on dark and depressing issues like drug abuse, drug dealing and vengeance.

The story follows Eddie, Francis, and Danielle, a group of teenagers who got hooked on this new drug called Fly, which gives them flying superpowers (duh) and super-strength apparently (this one was not very well explained). A couple of years later, we see a sad looking Eddie trying to begin a new life away from his crazy, fly dependent ex-wife Danielle. Unfortunately, she has found him and she will do anything to get another fix.


Raven Gregory take us constantly back and forth in time to witness how everything went to hell in the life of these three young teens, accentuating it with sometimes colorful and happy or grim and dark illustrations. As one can appreciate, the covers are beautiful, but the art in the actual comic is not uniform at all. It usually goes from very detailed and pretty to almost sloppy drawings.

Both, the kind of story and the art, were not my cup of tea. In addition, I found the story to be not as innovative and well executed as it could have beeen.